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Opening Hours
New Enquiries 01524 237105
Existing Customers call 0333 015 1259
Email us at enquiries@jgpestcontrol.co.uk

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      JG Pest Control is a family run friendly pest control business suiting the needs of you, the general public, offering our services in the Lancashire area and the rest of the UK

      Leading Pest Control Provider -
      Insect & Rodent Control

      We are a family run business with vast experience. We bridge the gap between the giants in pest control and 'one-man bands'.

      JG Pest Control take pride in providing the perfect service to our customers. Servicing properties from people's homes to hotels and more. JG have grown to become the leading supplier of pest services in the South. Whether your problem is in a residential or commercial premises. JG are capable of providing the quickest response and best value for money pest removal service.

      Our services all evolve around the core of 'Pest Control'. Anything that can be considered a pest is generally by one of our services. From bed bug eradication to mice and rodent extermination. Including bird and insect control.

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      For leading pest control services in Lancashire, by qualified technicians, call JG Pest Control now, on 01524 237105

      Trusted, Reliable & Caring

      JG Pest Control service thousands of households and commercial clients, our clients include Tesco, Asda, The Cooperative, McDonalds and Holiday Inn amongst many other high profile companies. If you require pest control. Lancashire based JG Pest Control are the company you can trust. We provide the highest level of customer care and good value of a small company as well as the reliability and quick response of a large company. This makes us the best pest control company in Lancashire.

      Certified and Trusted Rodent and Insect Exterminator

      • Qualified technicians
      • Wildlife and Rifle training
      • Insect control with heat and BASIS Prompt
      • General certificates including construction and access training
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      Our team of friendly and efficient staff are always on hand to help.

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      Pest Control in Lancashire
      Covering Lancashire and all surrounding areas.

      We offer a wide range of Pest Control Services

      BED BUGS

      Specialist bed bug eradication by JG,
      read more »

      If you have been unfortunate enough to experience bed bugs, JG Pest Control pride ourselves on being the leading provider of specialist bed bug treatments. Our treatments are guaranteed and will provide you with the quickest eradication in the industry, please call 01524 237105 or click here for more information.

      Bed Bugs


      Wasp Nest Removal Service by JG,
      read more »

      Have you seen a high level of wasps around your property? Or actually seen a wasps nest?

      You have come to the right place. We like to think of ourselves as the fourth emergency service.

      Our service is guaranteed and we can probably get out to you as early as today or tomorrow! You can be wasp free within a few hours leaving you to enjoy your home or garden as normal, please call 01524 237105 or click here for more information.

      Wasps and Bees


      Bird and pigeon control by JG Pest Control,
      read more »

      Our bird proofing solutions are tailor made and the highest standard in the UK. We are well known for our specialist bird team, you can count on us for the highest standards and quality and of course we are fully certified and accredited beyond the standard requirements, please call 01524 237105 or click here for more information.



      Cockroach fumigation and eradication by JG,
      read more »

      Being experts in insect control, cockroach treatments are one of the things we are best at. Being one of the industry leaders our cockroach treatments are unmatched by anyone else. We provide guarantees with all treatments and offer the quickest possible eradication through various pest control methods, please call 01524 237105 or click here for more information.



      Rodent Control by JG,
      read more »

      Rats are one of the most common pests in the UK, but this does not make them more acceptable. It is vital you get a professional pest control company in as soon as you come across a rodent problem. Rats are known to spread harmful disease and are extremely unhygienic to have in or around your property.

      If you are concerned and would like to know what we can do for you, please call 01524 237105 or click here for more information.



      Pest Control for harlequin ladybirds,
      read more »

      Harlequin ladybirds can cause huge upset as they swarm from hibernation. The treatment we provide is both quick and effective.

      If you have experienced a problem with these pests then our insect control team will be able to help you, we provide a rapid response meaning we will usually be able to get a pest control specialist over to you the same or next day, please call 01524 237105 or click here for more information.



      Flea fumigation service by JG,
      read more »

      Fleas are very distressing and can be extremely difficult to get rid of without using professional insect pest controllers. JG Pest Control's team of qualified experts can advise and treat according to your situation. We provide specialist insect control heat treatments and insect chemical treatments that are all guaranteed to be effective.

      Fully insured and certified JG are the leading company in the area, please call 01524 237105 or click here for more information.



      Moth Fumigation services,
      read more »

      We are the leading pest control company for insect and moth heat treatments. We have the capability to treat vast areas using heat and/ or specialist freezer treatments that guarantee total eradication of the moths.

      Our targeted chemical treatments are also extremely effective, depending on your situation we will advise and treat accordingly, please call 01524 237105 or click here for more information.



      Ants cause a huge problem in summer months, read more »

      As they winged or flying ants cause a problem in the warm weather, however ants pose a problem year round. Whether you have a problem with black ants, red ants, tropical or ghost ants or pharaoh ants, JG pest control are a specialist in the eradication and control of these insects, please call 01524 237105 or click here for more information.



      Pest Control for Spiders,
      read more »

      Spiders are becoming more and more common in the UK and there are now several species that bite including the false widow spider and woodlouse spiders.

      The good news is, we pride ourselves on being the specialist spider pest control company in the UK. So whatever your spider problem consists of, we can help, please call 01524 237105 or click here for more information.



      Bee removal and bee eradication services,
      read more »

      There is a common misconception that bees are protected, they are not, however they are a benefit to our society.

      With this in mind we do our best not to harm bees if possible. We provide relocation and removal services as well as bee eradication if this is the only means of control possible.

      Bee nests can be found in holes in brick work, in your loft or holes in the ground and they pose a significant threat around children or venerable people groups, please call 01524 237105 or click here for more information.



      Garden Mole Eradication,
      read more »

      Garden moles cause significant damage to turf and grass areas. Unsightly mole holes can really affect the aesthetics of a property or area. and they cause a health and safety threat as their tunnels soften the ground where people potentially walk.

      Our mole trapping and eradication services for the Lancashire and surrounding areas are extremely effective and of course guaranteed, please call 01524 237105 or click here for more information.



      Worried about a fox encroaching your property? Have a fox den in your garden? read more »

      Fox pest control is becoming more common as the fox's success in urban locations increases. Foxes have adapted to live amongst humans in and around sheds and people's homes, often scavenging around bin stores.

      It is well publicised that foxes pose an immediate threat to children and pets and because of this there is a strong need to control foxes, please call 01524 237105 or click here for more information.



      Squirrel in your loft or squirrels scratching in the attic? read more »

      JG provide effective squirrel control and proofing. It is not just the annoying scratching and fumbling in the attic that you need to worry about, squirrels are known to cause significant damage to belongings and structure of buildings as well as posing a fire threat as they damage electrical cables, please call 01524 237105 or click here for more information.



      The glis glis are becoming a growing concern,
      read more »

      In and around Hertfordshire Bedfordshire, Bucks and Berks, they have been found in London, Luton, Beaconsfield and surrounding areas. Glis are so agile and are actually protected, for this reason you must ensure you have a specialist glis glis removal company.

      JG Pest Control are the leading glis removal company, based in Buckinghamshire we are able to get out to your glis problem very quickly, our methods are humane, effective and of course come with our company standard guarantee, please call 01524 237105 or click here for more information.

      Glis Glis


      Have mice in your house?
      read more »

      A mouse infestation can be so distressing, it is vital you get a professional rodent control company to deal with your problem. This way you can be rid of your mouse problem quickly. DIY methods of mice extermination is not recommended and can actually make the problem become worse.

      JG Pest control provide mouse proofing through blocking up mouse holes and a same day emergency mouse exterminator service. Our service is guaranteed, we are fully certified and recommended by the London public and businesses all over the country.

      get a specialist mouse exterminator over you today or find out more information on mouse proofing and control here, please call 01524 237105 or click here for more information.



      Suffering with a woodworm infestation?
      read more »

      Woodworm cause chaos when they infest wooden items and wooden beams in buildings. Their presence can destroy a structure over time, it is vital to catch a woodworm infestation early and have it professionally treated as soon as possible.

      Our surveyors will highlight areas of concern and treat accordingly. JG Pest control's woodworm pest control division are here at your disposal, please call 01524 237105 or click here for more information..



      Silverfish will usually not cause any harm but are a growing nuisance, read more »

      Silverfish love damp, moist areas. They will usually not cause any harm but are a growing nuisance. Get rid of the damp and apply effective professional pest control and your silverfish problem will be resolved quickly.

      If you are concerned about a problem with silverfish, please call 01524 237105 or click here for more information..


      Can't find your Pest? Click here to find out more about our services...

      Google Reviews

      Thanks for the quick same day visit by Barry H. He was clear and straight talking, taking time to explain what the visit would include and then describing what he'd discovered following his inspection of the loft and the outside storage area. He has left traps for our unwanted furry visitors, and I feel confident we'll get this sorted out quickly. He'll be back in 3 weeks to check and I'm very happy indeed with the service.

      Mrs J. Willis   

      I can not recommend JP Pest Control enough. I have been provided a quote within hours, paying over the phone was hassle-free and a professional came to inspect the house with a very short notice. Fantastic customer service and friendly staff!


      JG Environmental Pest Control is a good company to do business with. I found there were no hidden agendas with this company, 'its what it says on the tin' Their technician David was very courteous, friendly and efficient in addressing my plight . He also provided me with good sound information to help us stop vermin from entering our home for the future. Wonderful service, good to know who to call if I have pests in the home again.
      I would certainly employ them again and I also would certainly recommend them to anyone to address their pest problems.

      Thank you once again.

      Vinnette Petrie   

      We had a squirrel problem and the Connor was very polite and courteous.
      He explained the options very well and was very professional.

      Michael Diaper   

      A very friendly, courteous and prompt and informative service. Unfortunately the news was bad, in that we had an untreatable ivy bee infestation. Many thanks. Can be highly recommended
      Mr. and Mrs. Leonard - 8 October 2015

      G Leonard   

      Really impressed by this organisation, from the moment I called through to the visit. Friendly, reassuring ( I have rodent phobia!), and swift to respond. I got an appointment quickly and at the weekend so didn't have to rearrange work. They really know their stuff. I will wholeheartedly recommend to others.


      Very good and professional service from JG.


      Houston we have a problem.
      And JG came up with the answer.
      Barry came and heated the house to boiling point.
      I was beside myself with horror and needed a speedy result and JG provoded it,Praise the Lord and JG and Barry
      Highly recommend,for the sypmpathy cool calm heads and a result Well done to all


      Great fast service. Caught a mouse on the visit and removed it. Very good thank you.

      Katherine Ball   

      Very good service by jg

      Peter Burton   

      Had Ian to remove squirrels, really helpful staff and very friendly. Thanks.


      Very happy with the quote and bird spiking carried out at my shop, I have also used this company for rat control extermination and got very quick results. Would recommend to anyone.


      Used JG pest after another company and the problem was finally removed. good service.


      Mark was very professional and I was very happy with the mice control service he provided. I can't wait for the end result. Thank you to Mark and the office staff who were also very helpful and reassuring.

      Teodora Mimaloda   

      The service received (Cockroach control) was very prompt and professional. The charged price was fair and the staff and workman was very helpful, friendly and insightful. All in all I am a happy customer. I will be recommending this company to my friends and family should they require pest control services.

      Bonnie Cockmartin   

      I was very happy with the service from Ian today. The service carried out was residential rat extermination and proofing.

      Lorraine Williams   

      Mice control service carried out, friendly and professional service given.

      Lisa Alexandersson   

      Very efficient, courteous service for control of cockroaches in my house. I look forward to the quick results!

      Susan Houder   

      JG Pest control comes highly recommended.

      Mr Thakker   

      It was refreshing to have such a friendly technician, a good job was completed.

      Darvinder Singh Gurwani   

      I would recommend this company for pest control services. (Cockroach treatment carried out effectively).

      Lacey Trower   

      Very happy with the service provided. Good quick response.

      Lucy White   

      I was very pleased with the prompt service and politeness of the technician, Mark.

      Amanda Burton   

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